Last Minute Website Fixes in Time for “Mobilegeddon”

There’s less than a week left until Mobilegeddon – Google’s next algorithm update set to take effect on April 21st, so time is running out to make sure your website is adequately prepared. Google has stated that the algorithmic change will have a significant impact in mobile search results and may affect more sites than […]



10 Productivity Apps for 10 Types of People

App stores are always suggesting new apps aimed at increasing productivity, but they’re not suited for everyone. We all work differently, so it’s important to use apps that boost productivity in a style that works for you. Here are a few of the most intriguing and helpful productivity apps that I tried, after reading this list […]



Let’s Play: Nintendo vs. YouTube Gamers

Imagine you’re watching a review of a video game you’ve always thought about playing – the host is funny, bright and charismatic and gives you a detailed view at every aspect of the game. Now imagine that the review has more than ten hours of recorded gameplay (in most cases, the entire game), who do […]



How to Boost Your Local Conversion Game with Personalized Ads

What do you think is driving consumer demand for personalization in advertising? Think of it as a latent demand, because most consumers find it disarming when it begins to feel like online advertisers are stalking them—the ads they see are just that personalized. But the fact is, personalized ads work. Consumers are even beginning to […]



Why Default Browsers Should Make You Pay More Attention to Bing

Thanks to Mozilla making Bing/Yahoo the default search engine for users of its Firefox browser, the underdog search engine has seen an increase in market share, and consequently, advertising profitability. What does this mean for search engine marketers? All it really means, honestly, is that it’s time to take a closer look at paid advertising […]