How to Recover from a High Employee Turnover Rate

Every company will have some degree of employees coming and going; that level of change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, if positions are changing too much, it can badly hurt the company’s bottom line. A high employee turnover rate can cost any business time, money, opportunities, and the morale of its employees. How can […]



Negotiate Your Way to a Better Salary

Since the unemployment rate in the United States skyrocketed to the double digits (10.0%) in October of 2009, employees have been more reluctant to negotiate their salaries when accepting a new job offer. That kind of fear makes sense – the unemployment rate is now at 6.7%, or 10.5 million Americans. This is a far […]



Yelp Case Study

+ view large + view large System Specifications Bandwidth (Why Medium?): Yelp stores a huge amount of information that is added to daily. The website receives over 120 million users each month and is ranked the 30th most popular website in the United States by Alexa – this all amounts to a large amount of traffic […]



10 Tips to Help Introverts with Successful Networking

For an introvert, networking can often be a Herculean task. Unfortunately, networking is one of the most crucial undertakings a young professional can perform; developing relationships with people in powerful positions can lead to great job opportunities for you, as well as some valuable learning experiences. However, introverts generally find social situations to be a […]



Google Goes After MyBlogGuest, SEO Marketers Protest

Guest posting has been the subject of much controversy this year. Unfortunately, much of that controversy is deserved – as it is now the only link-building SEO tactic still available to use without incurring immediate penalties from Google, it has become full of spam. Google’s Webspam Team, headed by Matt Cutts, is aware of the […]