15 Blog Comment Techniques for Building Relationships with Your Readers

Why do you blog? Is it purely for SEO reasons or are you legitimately interested in building a lasting rapport with your readers? Perhaps it’s a little of both? Of course it is. Google is continually trying to refine its algorithm to cater its search results to original, quality content. When you write quality content, […]



A Beginner’s Guide to Tracking Your Site Stats with Google Analytics

There are three certainties in life: Death, taxes, and the need for Google Analytics for website owners. Google analytics is the easiest and most popular system used to track website traffic – and it gets bonus points for being free. While it’s pretty intuitive to use, it can seem overwhelming when you log in for […]



The Three Ps of Guest Posting

Guest posting remains a fantastic way to spread your expertise across the Internet. It grants you access to a new, but established audience and provides some link-weight with Google if you include a link back to your site, whether in the copy of the post or in your author bio. Though guest posting as an […]



3 Reasons Why There’s Still Value in Guest Posting

Back in January, Matt Cutts made the now notorious announcement about the death of guest posting. After a burst of backlash from SEOs across the web, Cutts followed up the announcement with further clarification: spammy guest posting was dead. No shock there. This stance is entirely appropriate for Google, who has never made secret its […]



Stranger-shaming and the Illusion of Victimless Humor Online

Recently, a Facebook acquaintance posted a picture of a man sleeping on a bus. The caption invited her Facebook fans to share in the humor of the moment she’d captured on the sly. Look at this man. He’s sleeping. On a bus. Oh, the hilarity. And when I looked at this picture, searching for the […]