Why Default Browsers Should Make You Pay More Attention to Bing

Thanks to Mozilla making Bing/Yahoo the default search engine for users of its Firefox browser, the underdog search engine has seen an increase in market share, and consequently, advertising profitability. What does this mean for search engine marketers? All it really means, honestly, is that it’s time to take a closer look at paid advertising […]



Know How the Buyer’s Brain Works, Make Sales

Knowing the brain’s verbal triggers gives marketers a pointed advantage when it comes to phrasing their sales pitches. It’s called the framing effect, or, in other words, the way phrasing influences our choices or even perceptions of events subconsciously. How will this help your conversion rates? That’s up to you to determine in the way […]


7 Qualities of All Effective Website Copy

Every piece of content you write for your website should accomplish a predetermined set of goals; otherwise, what’s the point of having it on your site? To make your content really work for you (that is, score you leads and conversions), have a checklist handy that lists out these 7 qualities your content must have […]



Four Ways to Prepare for the 2015 Move to Mobile

It’s a shift that’s been happening steadily for the past few years, moving in tandem with the advancing technology of our smartphones—the move to mobile commerce. As it becomes easier to navigate the web on our smartphones and mobile devices, website owners have seen a rise in mobile commerce in their analytics. A recent study […]


How to Effectively Market Your Content

To make your voice stand out above the cacophony of other voices on the web, you’re going to need to make a concerted effort to market your content with relevant SEO techniques. According to Domo founder Josh James, “data never sleeps“; it’s constantly growing upon itself at an unbelievable rate. Every minute, at least 347 […]