The Three Ps of Guest Posting

Guest posting remains a fantastic way to spread your expertise across the Internet. It grants you access to a new, but established audience and provides some link-weight with Google if you include a link back to your site, whether in the copy of the post or in your author bio. Though guest posting as an […]



3 Reasons Why There’s Still Value in Guest Posting

Back in January, Matt Cutts made the now notorious announcement about the death of guest posting. After a burst of backlash from SEOs across the web, Cutts followed up the announcement with further clarification: spammy guest posting was dead. No shock there. This stance is entirely appropriate for Google, who has never made secret its […]



Stranger-shaming and the Illusion of Victimless Humor Online

Recently, a Facebook acquaintance posted a picture of a man sleeping on a bus. The caption invited her Facebook fans to share in the humor of the moment she’d captured on the sly. Look at this man. He’s sleeping. On a bus. Oh, the hilarity. And when I looked at this picture, searching for the […]



Is Your Word Choice Costing You Online Sales?

Naturally, the words you choose to use in your sales copy are either going to convince your target audience to take action or drop them like a hot tamale. Whether you’ve written a landing page, blog article, or sales flyer, you’re building your case for a sale and punctuating that argument with a call-to-action. The […]



4 Net Neutrality Talking Points to Help You Impress Your Father-in-Law

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the issue of net neutrality applies to all of us. If you’re a living, breathing human existing in the modern world today, you have a vested interest in the future of the web. Period. If you happen to be a living, breathing human in the United States, pay […]