How to Incorporate Mobile in Your SEO Strategy and Why

Earlier this summer, media agency RKG released a report on the state of mobile as reflected in the site analytics of the U.S. websites studied in the survey, and their conclusion is vitally important for all website owners to consider as they redesign and improve their sites. Their findings indicated that mobile smartphones and tablets […]



Must Know Online Store Tips for the Holidays: Stop Cart Abandonment

For offline and online retailers, the most important weekend of the year is fast approaching! It can be an exciting and stressful time for online store owners, especially when you consider how much online shopping over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend has increased year over year. Last year, total online sales were up 26% ($7.4B!), […]



Are these 4 SEO Sins Hurting Your Site?

SEO is a complicated, sometimes daunting practice that many new website owners struggle with as they try to learn the techniques and do it themselves. While taking over the SEO initiative for your site is not a bad idea, if you can do it correctly, you will need to keep yourself informed of the ever-updating […]



3 Steps to Setting up Your Google Analytics

Whether your website is brand-spanking new or a seasoned Internet veteran, now’s the perfect time to set up Google Analytics if you haven’t already. Without it, you’re essentially in the dark about what’s going on with your site, how it’s performing, and possible areas for improvement. Installing Google Analytics takes the guesswork out of website […]



3 Ways to Keep Up with Changing Search Algorithms, User Behavior

Search engine optimizers aren’t the only ones tweaking their methods after Google releases updates to its algorithm. The everyday user is also undergoing a transformation. The difference is that while SEOs are making a conscious decision about what to do differently, the rest of the Internet is reacting in latent, conditioned ways that are affecting […]