MUST READ: What the Shellshock Hack Means for Your Site

Shellshock (AKA the Bash Bug) is being called the most serious security flaw since Heartbleed made headlines back in April. Discovered just this past Wednesday, September 24th, its threat level was given a 10 out of 10 on the Richter scale of security flaws, the Common Vulnerability Scoring System, while Heartbleed was rated at a […]



How to Resurrect Your Failing SEO Campaign

Every online business owner has “SEO” on their to-do list, whether it’s as a jotted note on a whiteboard or a nagging presence on the backs of their minds. Either way, we all know that SEO is an important element of our success online and we’ve each tried to address it in one way or […]



PANDA Dos and Don’ts—What Your Site Needs to Rank Well

It’s safe to say that Google likes to keep us website owners on our toes. And it’s definitely to its advantage to do so. One vehement blogger goes so far as to call it “immoral” the way Google muddies up the details of an algorithm that affects so many websites’ bottom lines. There’s not an […]



2 Ways Human Nature Can Help You Ramp Up Your Conversions

Great news! You don’t have to be a professional writer to write high-converting web copy. All you have to do is know what compels people to buy any given product online and adopt that knowledge into your word choice and delivery on your own website. Understanding how people tick as well as how they consume […]



Sites Using HTTPS will be Given Higher Rankings in Google

According to Google’s latest update, sites that adopt HTTPS will see a slight boost in their SEO. Recently, Google has expressed its desire for all sites to carry the HTTPS moniker, going so far as to call for “HTTPS everywhere.” What is HTTPS? You’ve probably seen that all URLs are preceded by an “HTTP” or […]