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Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

Your app needs live, 24/7 Dedicated Expert support.

Dedicated Support

Always-On Uptime

Your app needs an always-on uptime solution.

Dedicated Support

Fluid Scalability

Your app needs hosting that will scale as it grows.

Dedicated Support

On-Demand Power

Your app needs on-demand computing power.

Dedicated Support


Your app needs a cost-effective payment option.

Dedicated Support


Your app needs the latest hosting technology.

Supported, Powered and Perfected by Dedicated ExpertsTM

We know that you've poured time, effort, and money into making your app the next Words with Friends. Naturally, you want your app hosting provider to put as much time and effort into hosting your app in a stable and reliable environment. You'll find that level of care and dedication here at NetHosting!

Save Time and Money in the Cloud

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When a potential customer can't access your app, it means lost profit. Without a reliable, "always on" solution, you risk losing users and revenue to unavailability and downtime.

Our App Hosting service delivers just that by harnessing the power of cloud computing technology. In the cloud, all of your computing power and disk space will scale completely to the amount of traffic your app is experiencing.

On a shared server, your app won't have the ability to scale as needed. On a dedicated server, you may be paying for space and power that you might not need all of the time. But on a cloud server, not only does your app get its own dedicated space to perform, but you get the most cost-effective solution for the resources you need.

Your website will continue running without interruption, just like your business!

Dedicated Support

The support of a Dedicated ExpertTM

We're here to come to the rescue whenever you need us. Dedicated Expert support means constant support.

Uninterupted Uptime

Uninterrupted uptime

When a cloud server goes down, another goes up just as quickly to take its place. That's the nature of the cloud.

Fluid Scalability

Fluid scalability

In the cloud, servers can scale in tandem with demand, creating the ultra-elastic hosting environment you need.

On-demand Computing Power

On-demand computing power

Fire up servers when you need them; discard them when you don't. That's the power you get with the cloud.



Everything about the cloud is elastic, including the pricing. You will never pay for more than you need or use.

Cutting Edge


The cloud is the latest in hosting technology. Capitalize on the efficiency benefits of the market's best product.

When your app becomes the next big thing, our servers will be right there with you to accommodate your growing bandwidth and data needs.

We Support Your Server So You Can Support Your App

No matter what platform your app is built on, we can host it on our robust data storage engine. From Ruby on Rails to JavaScript and anything in between, your app has a home at NetHosting.

Making sure your customers can get to your app is crucial, but we also recognize that getting to your app to perform maintenance is also critical. We make accessing your app as easy as possible so when you have an update to push out to your users, a bug to fix, or a new feature to add, you can do it as easily as if the server was in your own office.

And most importantly, we support your server and we keep it live 24/7.Our team of knowledgeable, Dedicated Experts is always available via chat or phone to answer any questions you have about your hosting service or to troubleshoot any hiccups you might encounter.

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