Dedicated Hosting

Servers dedicated to you and your cause – all day every day.


Mark I
4GB RAM (Option up to 8GB)
Intel Dual Core XEON 1.8 Ghz CPU
320GB Disk (Options for 500 GB, 1TB, SAS, SSD)
2500GB Data Transfer
No RAID Option
Mark II
8GB RAM (Option up to 16GB)
Intel Quad Core XEON 1.8 Ghz CPU
500GB RAID 1 Disk (Options for 1TB, SAS, SSD)
5000GB Data Transfer
Options for RAID Levels 0, 1
Mark III
8GB RAM (Option up to 48GB)
Intel XEON Quad Core E5604 CPU (Options for Intel XEON 5606, 5620, 5645, E5-2600 series)
500GB Disk (Options for up to 4 of 320GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB, SAS)
10TB Data Transfer
Options for RAID Levels 0, 1, 5, 10
Mark IV
16 GB RAM (Option up to 48GB)
Intel Quad Core XEON 2.0 Ghz CPU (Options for Dual Intel XEON 5600 through Quad E5-4600 series)
500GB RAID 1 Disk (Option for up to 2 of 500GB, 1TB, SAS, SSD)
15TB Data Transfer
Options for RAID Levels 0, 1

Other Dedicated Hosting Benefits Include:

  • Supports CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Windows (Defaults to CentOS)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Hardware Replacement Guarantee
  • Dedicated Expert Support
  • 100% Cisco Network
  • 5 Static IP Addresses
  • Remote Hands

Why Choose Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated Hosting means that you lease an entire server from us, in contrast to Shared Hosting where you only get a slice of one. Having a server to yourself protects you from other users on the same server (although that’s generally not a problem) and allows you to fully customize the server (hardware, operating system, etc.).

Usually dedicated servers are used for high-volume sites that a regular Shared Hosting account couldn’t handle. If you’re not sure whether you need Dedicated Hosting or Shared Hosting, odds are you’d be fine with Shared. Most of our clients start small, and then upgrade to a Dedicated Hosting package when the need arises. We make that transition as seamless as possible.

Why NetHosting?

Our top-of-the-line data center provides the most secure place for your most important assets – your data. If your site goes down, so does your business. That’s why we have 24×7 monitoring with biometric scanners and SAS 70 Type II certified. We’ve never had a major outage, and we’re strategically located in the safest place possible for a data center.

Plus, our support technicians are here 24 hours a day. If your server malfunctions, we’ll replace it within an hour. Essentially, you can trust your hosting here to be headache-free and provide the best platform for your growing web properties. If for any reason it turns out that we’re not a great fit, take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee.

Trust us with your hosting and experience the most stable atmosphere at affordable rates.