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Unlimited Disk Space
Backup Management
Control Panel
Unlimited FTP Accounts
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5 GB Disk Space
100 GB/mo
Unlimited File Transfer
Supports IIS 7.5, .NET 4.0, .NET 2.0/3.5, ASP, and Silverlight
100 GB Disk Space
Backup Management
Control Panel
Unlimited FTP Accounts
CPU Intel XEON E5-2609+ 4 cores/4 threads
Disk 2x1000 GB SATA in RAID 1
Data Transfer 10000 GB


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Shared hosting with NetHosting consists of shared website and email hosting on one physical server, protected by the new CloudLinux operating system. Multiple users host their websites and email on the same server. It provides customers a low cost alternative to dedicated website hosting. It also includes an easy to use interface and included system monitoring by our administration staff to ensure the reliability of the server hardware and systems. For many customers, this is an ideal product because of the low cost, high reliability, ease of use, and because it eliminates the complexity of some dedicated hosting platforms.

Q: Who should use shared hosting?

A shared hosting account can be useful to anyone who wants to host a basic to moderately complex website or wants a complete email hosting solution.

Q: How do I know if a shared server is the right fit for my company?

For many organizations, shared hosting is the ideal platform. With full-featured web and email hosting and database integration, it is a great fit for hosting your company’s blog, ecommerce store, and much more.

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Cloud Hosting



Cloud hosting allows you to pull the computing power you need from a pool of resources (the cloud) in the form of virtualized server instances, and then throw them back when you’re done with them, paying only for what you use. Pulling, deploying, and then releasing server instances can be done in a matter of minutes, creating unprecedented elasticity when it comes to meeting traffic demands as well as providing a cost-effective hosting solution for all kinds of applications, testing servers, or websites.

Q: Why would I choose a Cloud over shared hosting or a dedicated server?

Hosting in a cloud environment (which our Cloud plan is) enables you to maximize your budgets by paying only for the resources you use. Depending on a number of resources you anticipate using, the cloud may prove to be the more cost-effective option. The cloud is also infinitely scalable, which means there is no cap to the amount of computing power you can utilize or traffic you can accommodate, while a shared server has an allotted amount of processing power available and dedicated is a more costly option.

Q: How do I know the cloud is the right fit for my company?

It absolutely depends on what you need. With Cloud hosting on a cloud server, it is practically impossible to over-provision yourself, which means your bill is going to be proportionate to your usage. So if you are running a website that experiences occasional site-lag or downtime because of fluctuating traffic, the cloud could be the ideal solution. The cloud is also useful for testing and development. It may not be logical in those cases to provision an entire dedicated server, and the cloud allows you to simply pull the resources you need, run your tests, and return it all when you’re done. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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Dedicated Hosting



Dedicated hosting offers the benefit of owning your own server without the hassle of dealing with the hardware. Clients rent an entire server which is not shared with any other organization. Dedicated hosting is more flexible than Cloud or shared hosting, as clients have full control over their server including operating system, hardware, RAM, hard disks and RAID, backup, etc.

Q: What is the setup process and how long will it take?

NetHosting’s automated install system and experienced Dedicated Experts will provide the initial install and configuration. Once the installation is complete, the client is responsible for the administration of the server.

The standard hosting packages will be completed within 10 minutes. Dedicated hosting including a Windows operating system will take no longer than 20 minutes.

Q: What are clients able to do with a dedicated hosting server?

Dedicated hosting is beneficial for clients who need to run a high availability website or custom software. You don’t share the hardware with any other client. As a dedicated hosting client, you have complete freedom as to what software and applications are installed. You may host as many domains as your hardware allows and have full access to the core functions of the server.

Q: Is support included with the standard dedicated hosting service?

NetHosting’s Dedicated Experts ensure that your hardware is working properly 24x7x365. We will immediately repair or replace any faulty hardware components. For custom support and system administration needs, we offer elite Managed Services at bundled and discounted rates.

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