How CloudLinux Works

cloudlinux osWhat if Shared Hosting was Reliable and Affordable?

At no extra cost, NetHosting’s shared hosting services are now supported by a revolutionary new operating system designed exclusively for the shared hosting environment.

CloudLinux reinvents the shared hosting experience to make it as reliable, stable, and secure as a Dedicated Server, but at a fraction of the cost!

The Science of CloudLinux

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Traditional shared hosting customers were at the mercy of their neighbor’s traffic demands. But with CloudLinux, the worry of neighbor-caused downtime is a thing of the past!

The CloudLinux operating system isolates each “tenant,” or customer housed within the shared hosting server, to ingenious lightweight virtualized environments called LVEs. Each tenant is then allocated a predetermined amount of resources which cannot be exceeded or stolen by their neighbors, no matter what.

CloudLinux tenants never experience a strain on their resources caused by their neighbors’ resource spikes. This means that when traffic floods to your neighbor’s website, their site lags because of poorly written script, or even if they’re brought down by a denial of service attack, you will never know!

Your website will continue running without interruption, just like your business!

How CloudLinux Works to Save You Money

CloudLinux is an innovative new operating system designed to maximize the value of shared hosting products in two ways:

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It’s affordable! NetHosting offers CloudLinux as a no-cost enhancement to our existing product. It’s all yours for the same low price you know and love.

Cloudlinux protect

It protects against profit loss caused by instability and downtime. CloudLinux provides a stable hosting environment even in the face of turbulent traffic and resource demands.

CloudLinux Gives You

  • Your Own LVE
    With your own lightweight virtualized environment, you have the personal space you and your website need to perform without interference from any other tenant on your shared hosting server.
  • Server Stability
    Another tenant’s traffic spike will never mean downtime for you or the server as a whole. Ever. You will always be protected from the threats to your resources that plagued your old shared hosting plan.
  • Resource Control
    CloudLinux grants you—not your neighbor!—the power to decide what you do with your resources. That’s the control you need to guarantee the success of your website.
  • Hosting Freedom
    Break the chains of downtime and site-lag! Regardless of the resource demands of your neighbors, CloudLinux lets you work at full capacity, releasing you from the fear of unexpected resource-unavailability.

Why put up with another minute of downtime? Choose a shared hosting plan that is as affordable as it is secure.