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At NetHosting our goal is to provide quality service with outstanding reliability and value.

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With NetHosting your data will be more safe and secure than at any other facility. With redundant power, connectivity, expertise and more, it’s easy to see why NetHosting is the right choice.

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Nethosting People

  • Non-commissioned, knowledgeable sales staff
  • Competent, dependable technical support staff
  • Helpful 24 hour customer service
  • Over 50 years of combined IT management
  • Personal Account Executives to provide your company with the attention it deserves
  • Long-term staff with many employees having five years or more on the NetHosting Team
  • Serving the community for over 14 years




Nethosting SecuritySecurity

  • Up to 6 levels of 24/7 security
  • Real-time IP camera surveillance throughout facility
  • Proxy Card and Biometric access controls
  • Keyed Cabinets
  • Data Center owned and operated by the same management team as Fibernet Corp
  • SAS 70 compliance





  • Nethosting NetworkCarrier Neutral Facility providing flexibility & savings
  • Fiber from Integra, XO, MCI, Qwest, Comcast & Municipal Networks
  • Fibernet BGP bandwidth over 3 Tier-1 carriers for redundancy
  • Diverse Path Dual-entrance fiber
  • 100% Cisco infrastructure
  • Peered with carriers on a Synchronous Optical Network or SONET
  • 4 OC – 48 handoffs capable of 2.5 Gb per second each





  • Nethosting FacilityNext generation, Class A, SMART building
  • Zone 4 seismic building design
  • 20″ raised static resistant flooring throughout data center
  • Double-interlock pre-action “dry-pipe” fire suppression
  • Redundant HVAC systems by Liebert Corporation
  • Chiller Plant by York International & Carrier





  • Nethosting PowerState-of-the-art Liebert UPS Systems (Uninterrupted Power Source)
  • Cummins/ONAN diesel generators in a secure, enclosed area
  • Dual fuel contracts w/fuel carriers to insure a constant supply
  • Municipal power is filtered before being delivered “clean” to colocation
  • Generators tested regularly w/scheduled maintenance by manufacturer to ensure reliability
  • Generators and UPS Systems tested and maintained regularly