Secure Wordpress Hosting

Secure, Robust WordPress Hosting.

Wordpress Hosting
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Transfer
Control Panel
Unlimited FTP Accounts
SSL certificate
24/7 Site Monitoring
Malware Scans and Removal
Backup Management
Weekly Reports
Automatic Wordpress and Plugin Updates
24/7 US Support
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Uptime Guarantee

With our WordPress Hosting you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • SSL certificate – A security certificate will make your site more secure and will help improve your rankings on Google!
  • Premium WordPress Security Services
    • 24/7 Site Monitoring – Our experts will have an eye on your site at all times. You’ll know right away if anything has changed so that hacking damage is prevented.
    • Backup Management – We keep clean backups of all of your sites so that restoration is quick and easy if you ever get hacked.
    • Weekly Reports – We let you know what we updated, what we backed up, as well as any problems and solutions we came across each week.
    • Automatic WordPress and Plugin Updates – Outdated platforms and plugins make your site more vulnerable to hackers. We automatically update these items so that you don’t face an increased risk.
  • And, as always, Nethosting gives you 100% uptime, unlimited disk space, file transfer and databases, and 24/7 US support team. If you’re not happy with us even after all this, you have a 30-day money back guarantee to fall back on.

What Makes Our WordPress Hosting The Best?

Whether you’ve got a teeny blog or a massive ecommerce site, NetHosting kicks butt. It all starts with our 100% uptime guarantee – we’ve never had major downtime for our clients. In other words, you can trust us with your most important business asset: your data.

In addition to the most dependable hosting around, we give you ultimate peace of mind knowing that your site is safe every step of the way. $34.95 a month ensures that you’re set to face any security threat the internet throws at you.

We keep clean backups of your content. We monitor your site 24/7 and notify you of any potential issues. If your site ever gets hacked, we will de-hack and clean everything up for you. Your site is back in tip-top condition and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Save yourself the stress, host with Nethosting and you’ll have the best WordPress hosting experience at a great price.